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Reverse Osmosis Plant
Reverse Osmosis Plants have been used in domestic and commercial areas. They are developed to produce safe and quality drinking water. There are proven technology, effective process and high efficiency. 
DM Plant
DM Plants are effective in the production of pure demineralised water. They ensure consistent quality, energy efficiency and flexibility. These plants are useful in Food & Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, and other industries.
Effluent Water Treatment Plant
Our effluent treatment plants are perfect in technology, effectiveness and capacity. They help to reduce the environmental pollution. Our ETP plants efficiently clean the industrial wastes. Also, they attribute innovative technology, easy installation and reduced costs.
Sewage Treatment Plant
Our sewage treatment plants are developed for effective biological, physical and chemical treatment. They give acceptable water for the environment. Treat water effectively, these plants are essential for various municipal or industrial purposes.
Water Softening Plant
Water softening plants are applicable for several domestic and industrial needs. They make hard water appropriate for different uses. They are utilized in textile processing, boiler feed, hospitals, hotels, and water plants etc. 
Swimming Pool Filtration Plant
We provide high-efficient swimming pool filtration plants. They completely and effectively remove contaminants from the water. There are latest water treatment technologies and cost effectiveness. We keep up with space-saving and flexible designs.
Water Treatment Ion Exchange Resin
Ion-exchange resins work as mediums for ion exchange. They are widely utilized in water softening, purification, separation and decontamination processes. These resins are flexible and effective alternatives.
Industrial Effluent Recycling Plants
We provide effluent recycling plants for varied industrial needs. They are designed to eliminate different impurities. There are effective mechanical, physical, biological and chemical procedures. Also, we maintain industrial standards and regulations.  
Water Treatment Chemicals
We offer you very effective water treatment chemicals. They are developed for improved productivity, quality, reduced costs, and guaranteed performance. These products are used in demanding municipal, industrial and commercial procedures.
Water Treatment Components & Spares
We offer a range of water treatment components and spares. They help create quality and cost-effective systems. Also, our parts are designed to suit varied applications. They offer better water quality and stress-free maintenance.    
Membrane Bio Reactors
If you want an effective treatment processto clear out organic and suspended solids from the wastewater, then you can install membrane bio reactors. The effluent is passed through the membranes.
Pre Fabricated Tank
Our company supplies zinc-aluminium prefabricated tank with PVC liner. Multiple tanks can be installed at one place and connected through pipes. These tanks can be used for storing water and other liquid solutions.